Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bryleigh turned 1 yesterday and we're still exhausted and in shock...we plan to put lots of pictures from the weekend and an update very soon...once we recover and dry all of the tears! So, be sure to stay tuned....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Happy Birthday Daddy!!!"

Over last weekend, Bobby celebrated his "2nd Annual 30th birthday"!

We decided that a nice way to celebrate his birthday would be to head to Charlotte for a long over-due visit with Uncle Greg and an all day outing to Carowinds. When we arrived on Friday night we had a little bit of time to enjoy a great dinner outdoors before heading back to the house for bed. We went to a great Asian restaurant with a courtyard outside where a live band was performing. It was a great night of sitting back with the family and listening to some great music while Bryleigh ate (imagine that) and Brenden danced and played.

Here are some pictures from our dinner with Greg on Friday night:

On Saturday we spent the ENTIRE day at Carowinds enjoying some GREAT adult and kiddie rides. Brenden absolutely loved our time at the amusement park and was a champ about sitting out on the sidelines with Nana and Bryleigh while Papa, Greg, Mommy, and Daddy rode all of the "big peoples" rides. We all enjoyed a very entertaining ice skating show but would not recommend the show in the kids area. :/ Brenden and Bryleigh got to see a character parade and show with Nana. He was also very brave on some great rides. He loved the carousel and swings but we were proud of him for also riding on the boats, hot air balloons, and even a roller coaster!!! We have a great key chain picture to prove it! :) His least favorite ride was the Scooby- Doo haunted house but you never would have guessed it by looking at him posing with all of the character posters afterwards. It was DEFINITELY an amazing day of adventures, yummy food, and GREAT memories with the family! We loved EVERY second of our visit and have some great pictures to show for it too!

Our family is so blessed because of such an amazing man! As we've said before, Bobby is such a proud father, an encouraging husband, and amazing man! We are so proud of all that he is, all that he's done, and everything that he has become....including getting old! ;)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

During the first week in July our family went down to North Myrtle beach to enjoy some fun in the sun with The Hicks family. We had a week that was filled with perfect weather, long days in the pool, great mornings on the beach, and fun nights hanging out and eating yummy food! We are so thankful that Karen and Steve invited us to join them during their week long vacation and we could not have asked for a better time. It was great to just get away and spend lots of time with our kiddos.

We arrived to the beach on Monday. During our stay we spent 2 days on the beach and the rest in the pool. Brenden loved his days in the pool and he especially enjoyed getting out time after time so he could jump right back in. Bryleigh enjoyed splashing in the water and didn't seem to care if it was on the beach or in the pool. Unfortunately, she got a bad summer cold while we were there which made for some rough nights. You can tell from the pictures that she was not feeling 100%. We really would have loved to stay for another week or 2, but that's okay...there is always next year! ;)

Above is a slide show of just about every picture that we took during the week and below are our favorite 2 from the vacation...we'll post some of our photo shoot on the beach ASAP! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

We have lots of birthdays to celebrate during the summer. We start off with celebrating Hopie's birthday in the end of May. This year, Hope was 7 years old and had a "Pinkalicious" Tea party. It was a great day of eating some yummy food while playing many great games. All of the people attending the party were supposed to wear pink to the celebration and we read the story "Pinkalicious" as a reminder for our attire. It was a great day with just the girls! :)
At the end of June, we then have back to back birthdays. First is Devon. He turned 8 years old this year and we can barely believe how big he has gotten. He had a great Kung Foo Panda pool party at MawMaw's house which was a blast! Brenden loved playing with water balloons and all of the boys had a great time in the pool splashing, wrestling, and swimming around. Devon was very thankful for his birthday festivities and enjoyed being the center of attention for the day, he also taught Aunt Brooke some great things about Transformers during all of the celebrating! :)

Finally, we had a blast honoring and celebrating KK and her birthday a little later during June. For Karen's special day we went to Outback Steakhouse. We had some yummy food (and dessert) and Karen got some great goodies from everyone. All of the kids enjoyed loving on KK and making her feel extra special on her bday. Brooke loved getting to spend some quality time with her Sissi on such a great day. ;)

Our birthday celebrating is not over either. Bobby has a birthday coming up this week and then our little girl will also be recognized as we celebrate her first birthday! Time flies.....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July...from The Farrs!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bryleigh - 11 months old

Another month has passed and we can barely believe it! Instead of writing a lengthy post with a lot of words for all 3 of you that read and comment on the blog. We thought we would post a few pictures of our girl and just list some of her favorite things and new experiences this month. We hope you enjoy the change....

Bryleigh currently.... crawling all over our house.

.....loves to pull up on just about anything that she can reach.

.....prefers the view when she is standing instead of sitting.

.....loves to eat any finger food but especially chicken and veggies. SERIOUSLY!!!!

.....doesn't mind crawling in the grass and enjoys splashing in the pool.

.....waves to everyone she passes in the mall or in restraunts.

.....officially is saying "hi" and "bye bye".

.....can occassionally surprise us with a mama, dada, papa, and "bu" for Bug we think! ;)

.....knows a lot more than she's saying (ex: she may not say dada all the time but when you say where is dada she looks right at him!) still a little fearful of doggies but is getting a little better.

.....doesn't enjoy bows in her hair as much as she used to...she prefers them in her mouth.

.....enjoys following Brenden all over the house and chewing on his toys. close to wearing mostly 6 months clothes...YES, 6 months!

.....could eat way more than Brenden at any meal...her favorite are pancakes.

.....gets to sit in Brenden's lap every morning when she first wakes up so he can "look at how cute she is".

.....chews on just about anything in reach but still only has 2 bottom teeth.

.....drinks ONLY from a sippie more bottles for us!

.....loves dancing and "singing" along with Brenden to bringing home my baby bumble bee.

.....appears to have mastered the signs finished and eat...occassionaly she does a modified more.

.....enjoys clapping her hands to cheer and patting her legs to music.

I'm sure the list could go on, but let's be are more important so here are some more of our little Tinkerbell! Enjoy!