Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Return to Blogging

Yep, you've read the title correctly!

I know that it has been forever, but I'm so excited to announce that I'm returning to blogging!  

Before I just right back in, I thought I should clarify a couple of things.  I'm not doing this because our life has gotten so much better than it used to be so I want to brag about my successes every chance I get.  Anyone that knows me also knows that I'm not doing this because I all of the sudden have a ridiculous amount of extra time on my hands that I feel could be spent sitting in front of my computer.  And trust me, I'm also not doing this because I've made the decision to protest and stop using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram because let's be honest...that's just crazy talk!!!  

Unfortunately, none of the above is true.  Instead I've decided to make this return for 3 simple reasons.  

I've decided to come back to blogging for my family, for my friends, and for my faith.  

I know what you're, friends, and faith...that doesn't even make sense!  However, I assure you that it does.

First, for my family.  

We have a handful of family members that are not living here in Durham with us.  I often feel that so much happens here that I forget to tell them or share with them just out of pure craziness and I'm hoping that the blog will keep them up-to-date and will give them an opportunity to see our kids, read our stories, and live life with us as much as possible over the miles.  We hate living away from anyone in our family but we hope that the blog will make things a little more bearable.

Next, for my friends.

We have some amazing friends here in Durham, but honestly some of the people that we cherish the most in our lives can be found in Winston Salem, Plymouth, Greensboro, High Point, Climax, Central Asia, and S. Africa.  Having people that we love spread out in so many different areas makes it hard to see everyone and keep them updated on our lives.  Sure, social media has helped us with this problem but we don't think our sporadic status updates, mobile uploads, or 140 character or less tweets are quite doing the job.   My hope is that our friends will be able to feel as close to us during this season of our lives as they were when they actually lived in the same apartment, town, or state!

Finally, and most importantly, for my faith.

After much thought and prayer about whether or not to return to blogging, I felt like I had complete clarity about what I should do.  Without a doubt I was convicted that getting back on the computer and sharing "my story" with others was the right thing to do.  HOWEVER, I felt an overwhelming concern about this responsibility. Mostly, I don't ever want my blog to be a platform for bragging.  I don't want to share all of my successes being careful to hide all of my baggage away so that others cant see it and judge me.  At the same time, I didn't want the blog to be a way for me to whine, complain, or dwell on my numerous failures. So, instead, my hope and prayer is that my blog will be similar to my prayer journal.  That it will be a way that I can document what is happening in my life, but more specifically how God is moving in my life!  I have found through years of keeping a prayer journal that I can often see God's hand in every aspect of my life, even if it's in unanswered prayers, by looking back over my documentation.  I am hoping that my blog will do just that for me!  I want it to be a testimony (of sorts) for all to experience with me.  

So, it is with those three things in mind that I embark on this new (but yet old) journey of blogging!

And, let's face's about time because A LOT has changed since my last post (in 2011) but don't worry, that's for another day and time...