Monday, September 20, 2010

Bible Verses

After school one day last week Brenden's teacher shared a fun story about his day...

She told us that they were listing their favorite bible verses and each child was allowed to contribute a verse if they wanted to.
Brenden wanted to share his favorite verse with the class.
He listed the address for it which actually impressed his teacher that he knew a verse so well.
So she asked him, "What does that verse say?"
Brenden grinned and said "Look both ways before crossing a street!"


We have taught him verses, practiced them numerous times, and read to him nightly and THIS is his favorite verse?!?!
Great testimony son!

Well, thankfully he redeemed himself a bit last night.

We are very proud of him for remembering his 1st verse for Awanas.
(We can tell you why this is so impressive but that's not important)

Now, fingers crossed...maybe he'll share the good news with his friends at school soon!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Well, it's official...our Bug has started his last year of preschool!
This is a VERY bittersweet reality in the Farr household.
We feel blessed that Brenden has had such a great preschool experience.
We love knowing that he is well taken care of during the day with his Aunt KK near if needed.
We also cherish the friendships that he has established with so many kids in his class.
However, we cannot wait to not pay for tuition for him each month.
We are also eager to have him at Easley where I can keep an eye on him each day.
We also know that each phase that we pass brings on more fun for us all.

When we got ready for the first day I was eager to get some pictures of Bug before we left the house just in case things got too crazy at school and I forgot to take some there. Brenden was VERY willing to pose and smile for his pictures. His only request was that I please take pictures of him with his backpack on. (Note: This was NOT a new backpack but he's still proud.)

Once we got to school Brenden hoped out of the van with "his glasses" on saying he was ready! Ha!
After some begging he agreed to leave behind his glasses for today. :)

He looked SO handsome and very grown!
He was so excited about his first day that he was almost nervous.
This was a side of him that we haven't seen honestly but he managed his anxiety well.

I think some last minute hugs from Mommy definitely helped him feel better...
Well, that was actually to help Mommy!
(It was a very emotional day for some reason!)

After preschool Brenden was all smiles and loved getting goodbye hugs from his teachers!
We are very proud of him and are excited about the new year ahead!

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's that time again...

...time for us to lace up those soccer shoes and head out to the fields!

As you all know, we've been here before (2 times) so this is nothing new. However, we're hoping that this experience will be a little different. We're definitely praying for lots of laughter and fun with just a few (or zero) tears! Wouldn't that be a big change in our soccer game! ;)

Brenden is super excited this season and we know that if nothing else, he will love the time with his buddies and the dads.
Don't worry, we'll keep you updated on how it goes...

P.S. Let's go "Green Dinosaurs"...ROAR!