About Us

 We are Bobby and Brooke Farr.  We met and started dating in Greensboro, NC in 1999.  After dating for 4 1/2 years we got married in August of 2003.  We lived a few years as newlyweds and then decided to joyfully add children to our family.  In November of 2006 God blessed our family with our son, Brenden.  After a few years of loving on him we decided to try for another child and God gave us our daughter, Bryleigh.  We feel so blessed that 2 amazing kids call us Mommy and Daddy!!!  We are currently happily raising our kids in Durham, NC  and are loving every second of this life that God has given us.  We are surrounded by supportive family (both near and far), amazing friends (both near and far), a wonderful church (The Summit), and we couldn't ask for anything more for our lives!  

This blog was created in the hopes that it will help our friends and family that do not get to see us regularly still feel like an active part of our lives.  We wanted them to have the opportunity to not only read about the weekly events in our family of four, but to also see pictures of the kids and notice their changes and growth even across the miles.  We hope that it does just that for all of you!  Hopefully this blog will also give us an opportunity to share how God is moving in our lives each and every day.  Over the years we know that God has worked in BIG ways in our lives and we feel that it's important for us to share our story with those that we love best in the hopes to point them closer to them.  However, please know that this also means that we want you to hold us accountable as well.  Please comment sharing verses that come to mind as you read about our experiences.  Correct us if you see us straying too far from His truth.  Share your successes and failures as well because we want to grow too during this journey with all of you!  

Thank you for stopping by and reading about us and our life!