Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun Fun Fun

This weekend has been filled with lots of fun activities for the little Farrs in the family!!

It all started on Friday when Brenden had "Hibernation Day" at school. The kids were supposed to wear their pajamas to school and they ate pancakes for a special snack. They also took a teddy bear in a box to put into hibernation for the rest of winter. Brenden was VERY excited about this special day at school!! He could not wait to get "dressed" in his pajamas on Friday morning and he wouldn't put down his teddy bear all morning for fear he would forget it when it was time to walk out the door. Last year he went in his Hugh Hefner PJ's but this year he decided to go a little more low key in his sporty pajamas! :) He had a great day and loved this special time at school!

(Pajamas are on and he's ready to go)

("Cheesing" for Mommy)

(Brenden with his teddy bear)

Finally, the rest of our weekend has been filled with lots of cold wintry fun! Brenden was super excited to see the snow start on Friday night, but not as excited as he was on Saturday when he looked outside and saw all that accumulated.
We thought that he would be very eager to go outside and play in the snow but he was very reserved at first. He just said "not yet" when we would ask him if he wanted to go out. About half way through the morning we asked him again if he wanted to go outside and he just looked out the door and said "Not now, I have to wait for that (the snow falling) to stop." We're not quite sure why he thought he had to wait, but we didn't argue with him. Finally, about 30 minutes later he looked at us while playing and said "Okay, I'm ready to go outside!" :) We don't really know what changed his mind, but we were eager to get him dressed and send him out to enjoy! He had a blast playing on the deck by himself for awhile and then he wanted to venture out to the front and side yards so Mommy decided to join in on the fun!
After making snow angels, trying to build a snowman, making tracks in the snow, and having a snowball fight we decided to head inside to warm up for a bit. Brenden didn't object too much since he had face-planted during the snowball fight and got the snow all in his mouth and nose! ;) After lunch, some indoor play time, and some rest Brenden was eager to get back outside and this time the whole family joined him for the fun. All four of us bundled up and headed out.

Brenden was just as eager to get as cold and wet as he was earlier that morning! He was digging, throwing "snowballs", making snow angels with Daddy, and enjoying every second of his experience. Bryleigh on the other hand was not as sure of the cold and snow! She didn't trust her feet and was VERY fearful of falling. (Which was ironic because she never did.) She mostly just stood still watching the 3 of us but after awhile she warmed up to the idea some and walked around the yard behind her "Bubba".
It didn't last very long though and then she was ready for Daddy and Mommy to hold on to her and help her stay warm and of course we didn't mind that ONE bit! ;)
We have had a house of coughing, runny noses, and fevers this weekend...which has been NO fun at all! However, this snowy weather was just the perfect "medicine" for our souls! It brought smiles to our faces and encouraged us to get outside and get some fresh air. gave Mommy and Daddy lots of quality time with these two cuties which was the biggest blessing of all!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quality Time with Uncle Greg!!!

Our family packed up and headed to good ol' Charlotte last weekend to spend the weekend with Uncle Greg. Gregie will be celebrating a birthday next week so this was our chance to go and visit him and recognize him in honor of his special day. We always LOVE our time with Greg, but to hang out with him in Charlotte is a huge bonus for us all. Below are some of our pictures from the weekend of fun, family, and festivities...

Oh more thing...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trying Something New...

A new year provides an opportunity for many people to try something new. It can be a fresh start to a better you, a new opportunity to get organized, or just a different outlook on your life. There are a million and one things that you can do in the new year and we don't want to act like the new year doesn't tempt us at trying our hand at a few new things ourselves. One of our changes that you can observe regularly will be made on our blog. We have noticed that when you look at other people's blogs or read about blogs on the Internet, it's likely that you'll notice a common trend..."Wordless Wednesday". We're not much for being a follower, however, when we see a good thing we don't want to miss out! :) Therefore, you will now see Wordless Wednesday posts on our blog starting tomorrow...but don't worry we'll add our twist to this trend. :) Until tomorrow though we will leave you with a little info...

So, you may wonder what wordless Wednesday is exactly...

Well, "On Wednesdays all over the Internet, bloggers post a photograph with no words to explain it on their blog. Hence the ‘wordless’ title. The idea is that the photo itself says so much that it doesn’t need any description."

You also may wonder what will Wordless Wednesday look like on this blog...

For us, our wordless Wednesday pictures will be created by our favorite photographer, Brenden! :) He absolutely LOVES taking pictures and we adore seeing what he is able to capture so it seemed like a perfect mix to share with all of you!! We know that each of you won't love it as much as we do, but we hope you at least enjoy it a little bit! ;)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Recently, most of Brooke's days have been spent like this...

and also like this...

But, tomorrow, most of her day will be spent like this...

...looking at these adorable faces and BOY...has she really missed that job!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let's go Hopie, Let's go!!!

"Dribble it...Pass it...Dribble it, Pass it...We want a basket!"

When Hope was about 2 years old Bobby and I taught that cheer to her. Bobby was a coach for a local Upwards League so we spent most of our Saturday mornings at a local church watching the basketball games and the cheerleaders. Occasionally, we would babysit Hope on a Friday night and then take her to the game on Saturday so she could admire the cheerleaders from the sidelines.

Well, it's with great pride that we get to say that today we got to watch those Upwards Cheerleaders again...but this time...something was different...

That's right, Hopie was doing the cheers herself from the basketball court!!!!

We were so proud of her! It has to be scary to stand up there in front of all of those kids and adults and do cheers at the end of each period and during half-time. However, Hopie never showed a nervous sign the whole morning. She smiled, waved, and did her best!

All 4 of us loved this event and loved getting to see our little Hopie performing a cheer (finally) that we dreamed she'd cheer one day. Now...if we could just get her good enough to do the best cheer of all a few years down the road..."Here we go Tarheels, Here we go!" ;)

(P.S. Another bonus about this game was that we got to also watch this cutie play basketball...well when ever his parents would leave him alone and let him play! J/K!) ;)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years

New Years is typically a time for creating resolutions....a time for wanting to make a change in your life....a time for starting the year off on a good foot by trying to create a better year than the last. For us, we try hard to not get overwhelmed by all of this as we finish out each year and start a new. Sure, we have some traditions that come into play on New Years every year (ex: spending time with the Goods, sleeping in a little late, kissing before, at, and after midnight, etc.) and let's face it...we need to eat better, sleep more, and exercise regularly just like everyone else. However, for us, new years in a time when we try to surround ourselves with the ones we love, to give praises for the year we just had, and to anxiously wait on the Lord in the year ahead. Thankfully we were able to do all of these things this New Years again...

Brenden and Bryleigh stayed with MawMaw and PawPaw after our Christmas visit which is great timing for New Years eve. This gives us an opportunity to go out on a date as a couple and we are thankful for that every chance we get!!!

We spent most of the afternoon on New Years Eve together (Bobby had to work all morning) resting, playing the Wii, and enjoying the quiet house!! After that our dear friends Kelly and Brian picked us up for dinner. We decided to do something a little low key and avoid all of the big prices and crowds that you can find at some of the local restaurants typically on New Years Eve. We went to a local Mexican Restaurant and it was a GREAT choice...the food was great and the company was even better!

After our dinner date we headed over to the Durham's house for some New Years festivities with our friends Toby and Maria! We had an absolute blast all night (and probably got home entirely too late)! The Durhams had some of their family and friends over for a "very casual" night of food and games. They throw a great party and of course all of the UNC gear made it even more enjoyable! :) We spent all night eating entirely too much, playing Catch Phrase, and laughing non-stop! It was a great night and a wonderful New Years Eve!

We are extremely thankful for the friendship we share with the Goods and the Durhams! We are also very thankful for MawMaw and PawPaw and their services this week! It was truly a blessing to relax this week and know that our kids were totally fine. More than all of that though, we're thankful for all that God continues to show us and do for us with each passing year! 2009 has not been the easiest or best year for us, however, it has been filled with numerous blessings and we anxiously look forward to 2010 and all that God has in store for us!!

We wish each of you a 2010 that is filled with friendship, love, and great memories!!! Thank you for all that you've done for us in 2009!!!!
Love ~ The Farrs