Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Just the two of us"

Bobby and I got to get away the other weekend for a nice trip, "just the two of us", and it was AMAZING! We had some good friends that went to Charlotte for the weekend as a couple for fun and shopping so we decided to copy-cat their idea and head in the same direction. (Thank you Kelly and Brian for the suggestion, it was a great one!) We also felt that it would be a bonus to get to see Greg on our visit if possible. We cannot say enough great things about this trip honestly. We stayed in a great little suite near Concord Mills that had a yummy continental breakfast each morning. We enjoyed LOTS of shopping, too much yummy food, great quality time with Greg, and some rest and wonderful conversations! We don't get away just the two of us nearly enough so we're very thankful for the opportunity to do this whenever we can! Here are some of the pictures from our weekend away...
(Above: Just the two of us enjoying Sonic drinks in our suite.)

(Above: Me and Greg enjoying Taste of Charlotte)

(Above: Bobby at a stand at the Taste of Charlotte)

(Above: Greg and Bobby enjoying some of the food and drinks from Taste of Charlotte.)

(Above: Bobby with some of our shopping loot!)

(Above: OLIVE GARDEN!!!)

(Above: Yummy treats from Olive of our favorites!)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day is a great day for me to honor 2 of my favorite men! It is a time to recognize the guys in my life that truly deserve recognition daily! We work hard to praise, thank, and shower these 2 men with love every day....but I gladly welcome a holiday that gives me an excuse to do it more!

My first favorite man is obviously my hubby!
When I met Bobby, I knew that he was a great guy. A fun friend. A good listener. An impressive dancer. A sweet boyfriend. A devoted son. A supportive brother. Etc.
I had no idea that he would be such a great dad.
Obviously, this is a trait that I prayed that he would have because it was something that I dearly wanted in my husband, but I had no clue what kind of dad he would be at that time.
Now, I am amazed daily at what God has given me with him!
He has given me and an unbelievable partner to parent beside daily.He has given my kids the most wonderful Daddy that they could ask for!
He loves Brenden and Bryleigh dearly and takes his role as Daddy very seriously.
He prays for them, plays beside them, hugs on them, teaches them, reads to them, laughs with them, and advocates for them! He is constantly looking for ways to be a better Daddy and wants nothing more than to show them what God's love looks like and how our Father cares for us too. I never could have created him myself and I'm so proud of the Daddy that he is and so thankful for the role model that he is constantly to our children!

(Above: Bobby at Father's Day dinner with Brenden and Bryleigh.)

(Above: Bryleigh helping Bobby as he opens his card and gift.)

(Above: Me and my hubby!)

My next favorite man/father is obviously my Deddy!
Now, many people that know me might be tempted to call me a Daddy's girl.
I typically don't have a problem with this label, but I think that it does my Deddy a little bit of an injustice. To me, being called a Daddy's girl, implies that a daughter is loyal to her father and favors him over others no matter what. This may be somewhat true in my life, but the difference in my life is that my Deddy did a lot to earn that loyalty and favoritism from me! In other words, it was because of his great since of humor, amazing words of wisdom, unfaltering support, sincere biblical guidance, and laid back attitude of life that created this devotion in my life. These are just the things he did as a father and doesn't even include all of the impressive things that he has done as a grandfather to my kids! He is truly an unbelievable man and I am constantly humbled by his daily walk with Christ. I feel so blessed to have been raised by such a great Deddy and I feel very honored to say that I am his daughter (or Beeping Sleauty as he affectionately called me my whole life).

(Above: Papa opening his gifts from the Hicks family.)

(Above: Deddy with his 2 son-in-laws...aka alll of the Fathers on Father's day.)

I pray that this father's day all of the Daddy's out there realize the tremendous role that they are playing in the lives of their children. For these Fathers, I hope that they know how much they are truly loved and appreciated by their families for all of their sacrifices and their willingness to be such great Daddy's!

Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Museum of Life and Science

On Memorial Day weekend our family headed to The Museum of Life and Science for a day of fun! We have always enjoyed outings to the museum but Bobby has never been a long for the journey so that made this visit extra special. Both kids, and parents, had a BLAST! We enjoyed a good amount of playtime and exploring inside before we headed outside to the butterfly house, animals, boats, and playground. It was a wonderful day and we have some great pictures of our time there. We can't wait to get back again sometime very soon!