Monday, March 21, 2011

Boys Night

This past Friday my favorite 3 boys (Papa, Bobby, and Brenden) loaded up in the minivan and headed out a very special event.....a Hurricanes game!!!

(Brenden is pointing to his new Hurricanes hat! So proud!)

Brenden was SO excited about this night!
He talked nonstop about it and couldn't wait to get out the door.
Bobby said they all had a really good time even though they were hoping for a win and a few more fights....BOYS...ugh!!! ;)

Before they walked out the door I handed Bobby the camera and begged him to take a few pictures for me...reluctantly he agreed and here is the fruit of his labor. Enjoy! :)

(Papa and the boys waiting for the fun to begin.)

(Papa and Brenden enjoying some grub and the game.)

*Thank you to Easley Silent Auction for the great tickets!!