Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bryleigh - 6 months old

January 25th was a special day for Bryleigh and Aunt Donna! They both celebrated a birthday! Bryleigh is 6 months old and Aunt Donna...well she's 6 months + today! :)

Bryleigh had her 6 month check up a little early this month because she needed to go back in for an ear recheck and they did it all during the same visit. She received all of her shots with more crying than in the months before. It definitely gets harder with each visit but she calmed down fairly quickly afterwards with a nice bottle.

We cannot get our hands on the paperwork from the dr's visit so we don't have exact stats for you, but we can remember some of the info. She is in the 10% for her weight and 50% for her length. Her head circumference was in the 10% as well. She is gaining appropriately even though she is still petite for her age. She saw the same doctor at 4 months and she was very pleased with her progress over the past two months. It's easy to worry about your child's growth when you compare them to other people's children that are close to the same age so we try not to do that too often. However, when we compare her stats to Brenden's at the same age, we realize that they were very similar in their growth which is very comforting to us all.

We're somewhat sad when we look at how much she has grown and changed during the past month, but we're also proud of all that she's achieved! Within the past month she has started eating with a spoon. She is doing fairly well with this task but her tongue gets in her way sometimes and DO NOT make her laugh or you'll be wearing it all. :) She is now eating rice cereal and has had squash. She likes both but we think that the rice cereal upsets her tummy so we've started oatmeal and that seems to work much better. She has gotten really good at successfully taking her paci out of her mouth and then putting it back in by herself. She can roll from her back to her tummy and her tummy to her back, even though she is not rolling all over the room yet. She sits up VERY briefly by herself but always knocks herself over when she starts smiling or laughing. She is "talking" a lot and especially when Brenden is sitting and playing with her. She loves her exersaucer and watching herself in the mirror, but definitely enjoys interacting with everyone more than anything else.
She is really getting to be a big girl and we're reminded every day of how blessed we are to have her in our life! She has continued to be a perfect addition to our family.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

T-Shirt Tuesday

Nothing funny to say with this shirt...just noteworthy! ;) We couldn't put a picture of Bryleigh acknowledging Daddy without balancing it out by showing something with Mommy!

Plus, she was very excited to have her picture taken. :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fun Times in Charlotte

This past weekend the Baber family went to Charlotte to visit with Uncle Greg and celebrate his birthday. Bobby had some things that he had to do in Durham and could not join us for the trip, so Brooke went "alone" with the two kids and the rest of the family. It was a great weekend of eating, visiting new places, shopping, and spending time with the family. On Saturday we went to The Discovery museum which is where some of the fun pictures were taken above. Brenden loved dressing up like Circus characters and then standing on the stage to perform. He was too scared to ride on the airlift ride that both Hailey and Hope went on. Everyone's favorite part of the trip was getting to see Uncle Greg and spend some quality time with him. It's a rare treat and we treasure every moment of that. (Sorry some of the pictures are so small but we figured that was better than posting a million big ones!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Day - 2009

Brenden was very excited to wake up and discover we had snow on Tuesday. His discovery went something like this:

"Good Morning Mommy!"

"Hey Buddy! Go look outside the door."

"Okay" He walked over to the sliding door rubbing his eyes.

"What do you see?"

"I don't know.........MOMMY! What happened to our grass?!"

"What happened to our grass? I don't know Bug...what do you see?"


He was so excited and could not wait to get bundled up to go out and play. He went out about 4 different times throughout the day enjoying the fun. Each time he went out it was a struggle to get him back in even though his hands were frozen and he was complaining about being cold. He probably would have stayed out there forever if we would have let him. Below are just some of the pictures we took during the day.

P.S. Bryleigh had already been out in the snow before so we weren't as eager to take her out in it this time, even for a great photo opportunity. Instead, she enjoyed sitting inside with Mommy, drinking her milk, and watching her brother play on the deck! ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

T-shirt Tuesday

This is an old shirt, but definitely one of our favorites. Michelle gave it to Brenden for his first birthday...he has always gotten lots of compliments on this one. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Copy Cat

The other night Bobby was playing with Bryleigh while Brooke was getting Brenden ready for bed. He called Brenden's name and when Brenden turned around, this is what he saw...

He could not stop laughing and then wanted his turn to do the same thing for the camera...

Poor Bryleigh...not really sure she'll ever be able to hold the spotlight for very long! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

T-Shirt Tuesday...The New Tradition

We're starting a new blogging tradition...

we have lots of fun t-shirts, especially some with some GREAT sayings that keep us very entertained. We thought we would share some of these fun t-shirts with you each Tuesday and our hope is that you enjoy them as much as we do!

For our first T-Shirt Tuesday...

...not sure which is cuter...the shirt or the face that she's making! :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brotherly Love

For the past 5 months we have talked about how much Bryleigh has changed or how much Brenden has grown, but we've sort of neglected to tell you about how much they have grown and changed together. The other night it was time to feed Bryleigh and Brenden asked if he could feed her by himself. The moment was so cute that of course we wanted to take a picture. It wasn't until we downloaded the pictures that we realized the progression that has been captured in the pictures below...we've posted them in the order they were taken.

The first meeting...notice, he's not really touching herBrenden "holds" Bryleigh for the first time...still not really touching her
Brenden holds Bryleigh for the first time by himselfFirst time feeding Bryleigh Now...he's like a pro! Holding her in his lap, feeding her the bottle when needed, and even gently touching her head as he concentrates to make sure she's eating right! Amazing!
We have loved witnessing this progress each day and are thankful that we have these pictures to help us remember how far we've come in such a short period of time. We are so excited with how well Brenden is doing with Bryleigh and love seeing him grow fonder of her daily! It is such a blessing to be a parent and one day Bryleigh will see that it's also a blessing to have a brother!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daddy's Little Helper

We had a little car trouble yesterday which caused Bobby to come straight home from work and get started on solving the problem. When Brooke and the kids got home from Nana's, Brenden was SO excited to see Daddy fixing the car. He jumped out of the car and immediately ran into the house to get his tools so he could help Daddy fix it. They weren't very excited about stopping for a photo opportunity, but they finally cooperated briefly and below is the proof...isn't Brenden just the cutest little mechanic EVER!?

Brenden showing off his tools.

Brenden and Daddy "fixing it". :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to reality...

We have been so blessed to have some time off recently to spend with the kids. Brooke has been on intersession for 3 weeks now and Bobby has been off for 2 full weeks with some short days before that. We have had so much fun just spending LOTS of quality time together. Brenden went and stayed with MawMaw for about a week which gave us individual time for Bryleigh. We really enjoyed that time with her and the opportunity to get some things done at the house as well as catching up on much needed sleep. However, we LOVED getting him back so we could shift the attention to him some before returning to work. It has been a blast and unfortunately reality set in yesterday that we had to go grocery shopping, we had to prepare our minds and bodies for the transition back to work, and we HAD to go to bed at a decent hour because we would not be able to sleep in or catch a nap today. It also occurred to us that this transition back to work also meant a transition away from our kids. We both really enjoy our jobs, but we honestly work because we need to work. It would obviously be more ideal to spend all day, every day, home with each other and our kids but this is just not an option for us and our family at this time. SOOO...we do the next best thing and ask that Nana stay home with them all day, every day, instead. We're so lucky that not only does she "keep" her grand kids, but she loves on them, teaches them, and lets us know how they are doing through out the day. Below is the picture of them "suffering" during their shift back to reality today at Nana' you can see, they are not nearly as miserable as Mommy and Daddy! :) Thanks Nana for making our lives easier and for the great pictures!