Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Fun

We had a really good time this weekend spending time with the Baber family and enjoying some fun activities outside in the "crisp" fall weather! This morning Brenden had another soccer game and his uncle Greg came in from Charlotte to watch and cheer. Brenden was so excited to have Greg here and cheering for him at his game!

The most noticeable thing about the game was how ridiculously cold it was at 9:00 in the morning. It was extremely windy and all of the fans (and players) were shivering on the sidelines.

Another noticeable thing about the game is that Brenden did an excellent job...yet again. We're surprised at corner he has turned recently with his soccer "skills" and we're proud of the effort that he's beginning to show each week. Below is the picture of him right after he scored a goal. (He was running over to Greg to get a high five.)

Later that evening we headed out to The Hicks' family for a fun cookout with some of their friends. It was still extremely cold outside, but we managed to stay warm by the fires. Here are some of the fun pictures from that night as well.

We feel so blessed to have such amazing families and the support they offer us daily. We know that we may not see each of them regularly or even often enough, but we still know that they love us and we still consider it an overwhelming blessing to say that they are our family. This weekend was just testimony to that gift in our lives.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pumpkin Patch with Preschool

Brenden's preschool had their annual field trip to the pumpkin patch on Monday and Brenden was VERY excited about this trip. He could not wait to go and see the farm, feed the animals, and "pick strawberries". Now granted, he may have been a little confused about where we were going, but his excitement was genuine! :)
We rode to the pumpkin patch with Nana, Papa, Hope and Hailey so that was an added bonus to our trip. The morning started out a little bit cloudy and rainy but quickly cleared up becoming a very nice afternoon. Our first adventure when we arrived was to walk through the corn maze to pick out corn and soybeans that we could use to feed the animals. Brenden is ALL boy so he loved this time and Mommy is all girl so she was VERY thankful for Papa who was willing to help and get a little bit dirty.

After exploring the corn maze, it was time to head down to feed all of the animals. Brenden also LOVED this experience and showed that he is a country boy at heart. He loved for the animals to eat right out of his hand and he wanted to pet them all. He asked one of the boys working there if he could pet the rabbits and he said "sure". So, he took Brenden in the cage for Brenden to pet and hold the 2 rabbits that they had. Brenden was in heaven and giggled the whole time.
After the animals we took a (long) hay ride and then picked out our pumpkins to take home. Finally, we were able to go and play with our friends on the playground. At the end of our visit we were able to take some fun pictures to make Mommy smile! (Fact: It is nearly impossible to get 3 babies, 3 four year olds, 1 five year old, and a 7 year old to all look at a camera, sit still, and, but impossible!)

It was a GREAT day on Brown's Farm and we had a blast exploring and spending time with our friends. We are very happy with our experience and are thankful for another GREAT field trip. We were all definitely VERY tired on the ride home.....