Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy 3rd Bryleigh!

Just typing the title of this blog made me tear up some!
It is a weird feeling to say that my "baby" is 3 years old!
Holy cow!

Just like all milestones, this celebration is very bittersweet!
Bitter because it's hard to see her growing up and becoming more independent. Sweet because I'm so thankful for the girl that she is and for the role that she plays in our family!
I am still so in-love with her and feel so blessed that God gave her to me!

We had her birthday party this weekend (don't worry I'll post those pictures soon) and after it was over I felt very bummed. I wasn't quite sure why I felt this way...the party was great, lots of her friends were able to make it, most of our family was there, and it seemed like everyone had a good there seemed to be no good reason for the feelings! Then, it hit me...I'm bummed because this is my baby! My heart is so full of love and appreciation for her but at the same time there is a slight ache knowing that she is my "baby" no more!

I had wanted to share a little story with our friends and family at Bry's party, but didn't have the nerve to...yes, I'm a teacher but I HATE speaking in public/crowds! So, I thought that I would share "her" story quickly here! I know that most of you know this already, but I love to tell it because it is a reminder to me every year of how blessed we are! it goes!

Bryleigh was due to arrive and join our family on August 21, 2008. Everything was going great with the expected considering my history with Brenden. I was feeling good surviving the summer heat, and looking forward to starting another school year at work. Little did we know that "our plans" did not match God's plan for our life! On July 24th I went to the doctor because I was feeling "weird" and wondered if my water was leaking. After examining me they decided that my water was in fact leaking and that I needed to go ahead and head to the hospital. This sent me straight to panic mode. None of this matched my plans...personally or professionally. I was worried sick about Bryleigh's health, about how pitiful her nursery looked, and about abandoning my students and co-workers.

We prayed and prayed about this news and then headed over to the hospital. Bobby was such a breath of fresh air and the calm Godly voice that I needed to hear at that time. We rushed over to the hospital only to sit and wait the day away. I found myself getting more and more eager to greet her and less and less fearful of the "what ifs". Finally, shortly after midnight they completely broke my water which sent me straight into full-blown labor. A few pushes (and a lot of pain) later and she was here....our blessing!!!

We were amazed to see her! She looked so healthy! So alive! So perfect!

I still cannot believe how blessed we were to have Bryleigh join our family 4 weeks prior to her due date and in such a healthy state!! There were absolutely NO complications from her early delivery and we were able to hold her, feed her, and take her home just as we had hoped and prayed! She was actually probably healthier than Brenden was being born only a week early!

Still to this day we are amazed by this girl! We are in awe of the blessings that she brings to our family! We are so thankful for the gift that God gave us by giving us her! We are so proud to be her parents!

Here are some pictures of her each year of her life. I love to look at how much she has changed in such a short period of time!!! :) We hope that you enjoy them and thank you for reading the wordy story about our "Tinkerbell"!

(Above: At birth...ready to head home)

(Above: 1 year old)

(Above: 2 years old)

(Above: 3 years old)


Bobby said...

she has her mom's Attitude and her Daddy's good looks... or is it the other way around???

leigh anna said...

knowing you (and me), letting go and letting God handle the plans isn't easy....but when you (and I) look back on how things turn out, it is so easy to see how perfect God's timing is! :)
love you!