Monday, July 4, 2011

"Just the Two of Us" - Again

The other weekend Bobby and I went to Concord for our 2nd annual summer getaway.
(Click here to see our getaway from last year.)

If you ask me, I think the getaway this year was
just as good as last year, if not better!

Bobby took some extra time off work which helped us get some extra time together. We left on a Friday morning and came back on a Monday afternoon...super nice!! While in Concord we enjoyed some of the same things that we loved about our trip last, time with my brother, great food, and most importantly...a little 1:1 time with each other. We also added something new this year...CAROWINDS!!!

Below are some pictures from our weekend...sorry there aren't more but I didn't carry the camera with me everywhere like I normally do! ;)

(Above: Bobby enjoying one of our daily treats....Starbucks!)

(Above: Bobby with some of our shopping "loot"!)

(Above: We enjoyed a day at Carowinds on was amazing how much we could accomplish there without the kids! In the pics above we're standing in front of our favorite rides.)
(Above: Just the 2 of us at dinner...yep, Olive Garden!!!)

It was a great weekend and I find myself looking
forward to next year already! Sad, but true!

(I want to be sure to mention that I'm so thankful for an amazing MIL
that keeps our kids each year so that we can enjoy this weekend!
She is such a blessing to me, to my kids, and to
my marriage! I'm a very lucky girl!)

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