Sunday, February 27, 2011

This week is a very "bittersweet" week for me!

Bitter because I am sure missing these faces...
Well, let's be honest...I miss everything about them!
I miss their smiles, their laughter, their hugs, their voices...the good and the bad.
My life is definitely not the same when they are away.

However, this week is also sweet!
Sweet because I get more quality time with this face...
Let's be honest...everything about that makes my heart happy!
I ADORE more time with my hubby!
I cherish the time for us to date and have "adult" conversations.
I never get tired of 1:1 time with him!

So, each day this week my heart will have this battle between missing my kiddos more than they know but feeling amazingly blessed to have this time to spend with my favorite man!

Thank you Maw Maw for all you do!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mommy - Son Date Night!

The few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go on a very special date.
This turned out to be one of my all time favorite dates, honestly.
I went on a Mommy-Son Date with Brenden to Chick-fil-A!!!

It was a BLAST!

Chick-fil-a actually coordinated the night and set up the event for all of us Mommies.
All we had to do was set-up a reservation, grab our dates, and show-up.

Priceless! :)

Our dear friends, Kelly and Avery joined us for this special event and we wouldn't have done it any differently. Having the 2 of them with us made it even more special for us!!

Below are some pictures from our night....

Me and Brenden waiting for our table.

Kelly with her "date".

The handsome boys waiting patiently to be seated.

Our table decor and gifts...they gave each mom a flower and "goodie bag" and each son also received a "goodie bag" which included a Chick-fil-A football.

Kelly and Avery enjoying their dinner.

It's moments like these that I will always remember! :)

It was such a great night and I'm so thankful for the experience!
I can't wait for the next Mommy-Son date night and I would recommend all you Mommies out there to start planning one for yourself as won't regret it!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Charlotte with Gregie

So, if you know our family or follow our blog fairly regularly, then you may remember that January brings a lot of fun for our family as we head to Charlotte to visit Uncle Greg. We always head their so we can see Greg, spend quality time with him, and celebrate his birthday. This year was no different and we had a blast once again!

(To see or read more from our previous trips, feel free to look here and here.)

Here are some pictures from our adventures....

We spent Saturday at Discovery Place (the Childrens Museum). This is something we've done for the past few years and each time we have more and more fun!

We loved our time in the front room. They had lots of cool activities that were similar to centers that you would see in a classroom. There were manipulatives, water play, homemade instruments, and lots of things to explore. The water table was definitely Bryleigh's favorite.

The rest of the museum was fun too. There were animals, a 3D movie about sharks, and lots of science experiments. The kids loved the chair lift, wind activities, and blocks.
However, the rope bridge was definitely their absolute favorite.
They must have walked across that thing 20+ times...
(Bryleigh, however, did NOT like the bridge. She let us carry her across one time and then she was also made me a little queasy! Ha!)

We are so thankful for our time with our family!
It was such a great time! :)